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Amrapali Sapphire Sector 45 Noida: 2/3/4 BHK Luxury Residential Flats (Sizes 1140 Sq. Ft. - 5000 Sq. Ft.) is being developed by Amrapali group in Sector 45, Noida. For the final prices of Sapphire Sector 45 Noida Apartments contact, 8586930222 Raj Nandini Estates Pvt. Ltd because the project prices can be revised without any notice at sole discretion of the Company.


Great Value Sharanam is a new residential combination of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments in Sector 107 with excellent facilities.For the final prices of Sharanam Sector 107 Noida Apartments contact, 8586930222 Raj Nandini Estates Pvt. Ltd because the project prices can be revised without any notice at sole discretion of the Company.

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Wave City Center is coming with mega luxurious studio apartments, 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK residential options in sector 32 or sec 25A Noida. For the final prices of Sapphire Sector 45 Noida Apartments contact, 8586930222 Raj Nandini Estates Pvt. Ltd because the project prices can be revised without any notice at sole discretion of the Company.


Supertech Golf Village is a new up-coming residential project with well-ventilated 3 side open 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK houses in its high rise towers with the area of unit ranging from 690 Sq ft to 1440 Sq ft. For the final prices of Sapphire Sector 45 Noida Apartments contact, 8586930222 Raj Nandini Estates Pvt. Ltd

Thursday, 17 October 2013

7 Tips to choose the right home loan

Dear Readers

Research well: These days loans are made attractive for the buyers with lower interest rates and additional schemes. Therefore it is better to educate yourself about the terms and conditions of each loan agreement so that you are prepared beforehand. Clarify all your doubts regarding the loan scheme before you finalize anything and don't hesitate to ask questions to the sales person even if you have the smallest difficulty understanding a particular clause. 

Take a look at the EMI: Calculate the EMI (equated monthly instalments) that you will be able to afford beforehand. Remember that you know your money more than anyone else, so keeping in mind your current job and income you can make an approximate calculation about the amount of EMI you can pay. Don't make hasty decisions on this one, because paying penalties due to non-payment of EMI on time can prove to be more troublesome. If you have a temporary job, there are other things to take into consideration so make a wise decision taking care of all the parameters.

Negotiate on the interest rate: Even though banks and financial institutions swear that interest rates are non-negotiable, they could still make a few adjustments, if you list a few honest issues with the high rates. This can be done only if you have finalized the property you want to buy and you need it as soon as possible. Also, if it is the end of the month, it could prove to be beneficial for you. Sales persons have an aggregate number of sales that they need to complete every month; so in order to complete their target; they are bound to give you certain benefits.

Loan eligibility: Carry documents which include information like your credit history when you apply for a home loan. You should have paid all your credit card bills and car loans on time in order to move a step higher on the eligibility list while applying for a loan. If you have a clean record in your credit history for payments done on time, then you can use it as an advantage when applying for your home loan. Also, try to focus on the tenure of your loan. If you opt for a long tenure loan then you will be paying more overall as the interest paid would be very high.

Additional charges to be kept in mind: When you are applying for a home loan, you need to be educated about the various other charges that the lenders add to the current schemes. They will add administrative and service charges or processing fees. These additional fees fall under the amount that is sanctioned in your name and not under the amount that you take home. So before you finalize any deal, you should make note of such additional charges that the lenders put in the scheme.

Read the fine print of the agreement carefully: Even if the home loan agreement with your bank is a bulky document, make sure you read it thoroughly. Sometimes, lenders may verbally agree to certain points but in the end whatever is present on the paper will only be taken into consideration. So it is best if you could just spend some extra time reading the document carefully rather than getting stuck in complications later on. Never sign on a blank loan paper even if the sales person asks you to do so. Ask questions if you have any doubts, because it is very important to be aware of every term and condition mentioned in the loan. 

Never leave a doubt: Applying for a home loan seems really easy but it comes with its own set of complications. Keeping these few key points in mind would be a good way to start with it. Apart from that, never leave a doubt in your head because it may cause problems later. For your satisfaction clear out everything beforehand and your dream home will be yours in a hassle free manner.

All content and source from:- http://profit.ndtv.com/news/cheat-sheet/article-taking-a-home-loan-heres-a-checklist-328436

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Gaur City 2 16th Avenue Noida Extension - a new way of life

Dear Readers

Gaur City 16th Avenue is located at Noida Extension, nestled in verdant environs with an abundance of nature's bounty. Gaur City 16th Avenue Noida Extension is a part of Gaur City 2. Gaur City 2 16th Avenue Homes here have intricate design making them soothing and appealing to the eyes.

  1. Futuristic project spread over approx.112 acres of land,
  2. Renowned architecture of rsp, singapore* and landscaping within the complex,
  3. Swimming pools and radiant club featured with reading room, cafe, latest gymnasium, sauna bath, jacuzzi bath, billiards table table tennis, card table,
  4. Common hall for get together and sufficient play area for children,
  5. Banquet hall with guest rooms facilities and shopping complexes.
  6. Play school with crèche and senior secondary school.
  7. Patrol & gas stations, special kids parks
It is in close proximity to elite areas such as Noida and Indirapuram (Ghaziabad). To add to the convenience there will be metro connectivity, thus giving a further boost to Greater Noida.

It’s not what we claim. Rather it’s what our customers say. With a proud history of delivering projects on time and as per promised specifications, Gaursons is a name to reckon with when it comes to real estate in NCR. With a burgeoning list of residential projects that encompass high end apartments to highly affordable accommodations occupied by thousands of happy families, Gaursons stress on customer’s trust has become the winning mantra. A fact our customers would vouch for.

"The synonym of trust in realty" that’s what Gaursons India Limited stands for. Setting a strong foundation to every endeavor for building better infrastructure. The future surely belongs to this enterprising real estate group.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Wave City Center Vasilia Noida - A Premium Residencies Forever

Dear Readers

Do you demand the purest drinking water and cleanest air? Eco-conscious power and hygienic sanitation? Convenient access coupled with trouble-free travel? Personal safety partnered by peerless healthcare? Soaring towers set among acres of leafy park? And every kind of residential space including smart branded luxury apartments and sumptuous penthouses? 

Another premium residential project by Wave is ready to hit the realty market in Noida. This new project would be recognized as Wave Vasilia (part of Wave City Center). This project will offer 2/3 BHK high life premium apartments that too at a strategic location in Noida. Apartment sizes are ranging from 1265 sq. ft. to 1749 sq. ft. 

Wave City Center rewards your greatest expectations in full, promising you a unique environment where commerce and investment prosper and a new kind of living experience, rooted in consideration, blooms. In Wave City Center, work and play, study and entertainment, bustle and peace, sport and shopping are balanced in perfect equilibrium. Welcome home.

Salient features of Wave City Center Vasilia:-

    State-of-the-art club house
    Blue Water Swimming Pool
    Crèche & Children's Play Area
    Recreational Center for Senior Citizens
    Business Lounge
    Squash, Badminton & Lawn Tennis Court

      The world’s newest destination, in sheer scale exceeding anything ever witnessed by Delhi NCR. And, as the greatest commercial development ever built in the center of a city , its epic ambition is unprecedented. Also unprecedented is our underlying key principle:consideration, an entire project shaped and managed by the dreams, hopes and aspirations of future citizens.

      Saturday, 6 July 2013

      Gaur Yamuna City affordable residence

      Dear Readers

      Gaur Yamuna City Yamuna Expressway Noida presents 2/3 bhk apartments with wonderful amenities, which include common facilities approximating community clubs with swimming pools, health club, sports training facilities like golf ball magistrates, tennis legal courts, schools, crèches; kids play areas and water & command back-up and much more.  

      The township, Gaur Yamuna City is positioned at Greater Noida, which is spread over 70 miles and is quickly placed at sector-151 Noida and offers flats enclosed with thematic reasons, informative, medical and free time features.

      Gaur Yamuna City is also having other appropriate facilities through which one must not keep away from living over here. The parking facility is available for your entire vehicle, appropriate personal and cameras are set up for the protection of all citizens, innovative lifts are there through which a person can journey to any ground.

      Gaur Yamuna City Floor Plans

      Size: 1000 sq ft (2 BHK)
      Size: 1115 sq ft (2 BHK + Study)
      Size: 1375 sq ft (3 BHK)

      The project of the Gaursons Gaur Yamuna City Noida is known to be extensively located in the heart of the city on Yamuna Expressway. It is very strategically located at a few kilometers away from the Noida City Metro Station and gives easy connectivity to all the key locations like malls, schools, hospitals and lots more. The location is also very close to Kalindi Kunj. NH 8 and 24 lies in the close proximity of the project and thereby gives fast and hassle free communication to each and every place.

      Friday, 28 June 2013

      Follow 7 Vaastu Principles Before Buying A Home ?

      Are you looking for a new home or an apartment in real estate noida? Adhere to these seven essential Vaastu concepts to make sure long lasting pleasure and serenity. What to look out for and what`s regarded auspicious? Study on to find out!
      1. While buying a plot, it is recommended by the Vastu Shastris, that any streets that might be operating on the northern and the eastern part of your house, should be reduced than the corresponding site stages. It is also excellent if a street operates together with the home and finishes at the northeast area.
      2. Do not settle for an apartment or flat that looks depressing and has a sad atmosphere to it. You should go forward with only those apartments that provide you a beneficial, vibrant and satisfied sensation on coming into it. Only such a smooth is value making an investment in.
      3. While home tracking for yourself, create sure that you do not buy a smooth that is situated reverse to crossroads. Prevent all areas reverse to a T or Y crossing points. This is regarded extremely discouraging by the Vastu Shastris.You should prevent buying any noida real estate that might be at the turning-point on a street. Vastu Shastris counsel you to instantly begin looking for a new place, if you come across such a site.
      4. It is considered successful to purchase additional area that might be adjacent the existing area and that is on the northern, northern western, and eastern factors of the existing area. Avoid purchasing any area on the southern or western factors of your house.
      5. The plots with their south east parts high may bring in prosperity to its citizens. Likewise, a story with a south east mountain will lead to a loss of prosperity and the plots with their south side higher than the rest of the sides will ensure great health to its citizens.
      6. If your property in noida is close to a temple of the Lord Shiva, Shakti or Vishnu, there are possibilities of experiencing some financial failures. Likewise, if your home is experiencing the south west, if there is an older relative living in the northeast part of the home or if there is a high shrub in the east side of the home, which is preventing the light of the increasing sun from attaining your home then, there are possibilities of some financial failures in your home.
      7. Prevent from such apartments that might be at the dead-end of a area. Such plots keep on gathering the extremely adverse energy, which launches down the road at all the time. This then exhibits adversely by means of serious sickness of its residents and the proprietor.
      Therefore people look for Top Real Estate Consultant Noida like Raj Nandini Estates Pvt Ltd to book your home. Because always they consult you to get your right Property

      Tuesday, 18 June 2013

      Top Twelve Reasons To Buy Property In Noida

      These Twelve reasons defines you “Why Real Estate Noida is better option over other an investment?”

      1> Facilities like streets, sewerage, energy and drinking the water, etc, which has been designed in Noida, is far better than those in most new places and city agglomerations that have come up in the nation.
      2> Outstanding connection to New Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad has also created Noida Real Estate a location for company, tourists and traders.
      3> Noida is also safe from any land disputes and is good for customers, traders, designers and even farm owners.
      4> Noida-Greater Noida Expressway is going to see never-before developing actions comprising personal, professional, as well as institutional areas.
      5> Developing place has all the facilities, social and professional infrastructure, in easy reach of residents. Developers have started looking at the place as a top destination for residential and professional projects.
      6> Improve in the residential values in this industry indicates a growing economic system, which works as a center of fascination for the people across the nation. Qualities in this area provide a place which, in the lengthy run, will bring good profits, which will only develop by the day.
      7> If you are an end customer looking for cost-effective real estate, Noida is an appropriate location.
      8> A better strategy for the near future of Noida was revealed by the Noida Power in its 175th panel conference wherein the Master Plan 2031 was formally informed. Organized for an approximated inhabitant of 25 lakh, the new Expert Plan concentrates on better facilities and a eco-friendly town.
      9> Apartments, houses, villas, land, commercial offices, commercial shops, farm houses, malls, restaurants, industrial plots, information technology parks, special economic zones are available here.
      10> Land for green development, various recreational, sports and other related activities. Parks, playgrounds and green belts would be developed in almost every part of the town, which would create a better living and working environment.
      11> Some top builders is also existing for Property in Noida like Wave Infratech, Jaypee Group, The 3C Company, Supertech Ltd., Assotech Ltd., Unitech Ltd., Amrapali Group, Ansal API,Omaxe Construction Ltd., Gaursosn Group
      12> Many Real Estate Consultant like Raj nandini Estates is also available Here for consulting you

      Friday, 24 May 2013

      The Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Property In Noida

      Everybody wants to have their own house, at least at some point in life. A house you can contact your own is very perfect and something you are willing to work for in order to gradually accomplish it. Becoming a house owner is however a procedure that comes with its set of difficulties. To resolve these difficulties, you have to choose Top Real Estate Consultant In Noida like Rajnandini Estates among existing Real Estate Companies In Noida.

      The three aspects: price range, place and upcoming admiration value of the Property are all essential. If you are investing in Real Estate Noida ?

      Price Range: - A home is one of the large investments, you will ever create your whole lifestyle, so you will need to create sure that you are satisfied with the community and the home should fit what exactly you want in a home. Though you already have in thoughts what your perfect home should be like, you will also need to know how much you can afford for that house. If you are considering getting a loan from a financial institution, you will also need to look at what the property will price you in complete and what you will need to be spending each month to obvious the loan.

      Place or Location: - Location of home plays very a very important role before an investment, it is important access all the important info pertaining to the home. Find out how close the community to educational institutions, recreational areas and food markets. You can consider using several search engines like Google, MSN or Google to learn more about the criminal activity rates in the city. Place must have instant connectivity with prime location like Property In Noida is well connected with metro places like Gurgaon, Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad etc. When you consider the facilities, luxury homes offer a limitless list along with a sports space, a playground, an automobile vehicle parking space, a club house, an enjoyment space, a golf course, a gym and a share.

      Upcoming admiration value or future value of the Property: - Evaluate the Property Market and find out what is occurring. Discover out the common value five to ten years earlier; figure out by how much the property has improved. Information can be acquired from the local Stage of Business or town area for upcoming improvements. Considering the long run prospective of the group will help you figure out whether the perspective is good for your family. It will give you better idea for an investment.

      For the procedure to be easy and effective from the starting to the end, you will need to consider using solutions of an experienced Real Estate Consultants in Noida. He or she will also make the documentation engaged in the process much simpler to deal with. 

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